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Trusted Kitchen Remodeling In Denver, CO

If you are like most homeowners, the kitchen in your home serves many purposes in addition to being the place where most meals are prepared. In fact, many people see the kitchen as far more than just a room, which is why it is often referred to as the heart of the home. However, when your kitchen is outdated and cannot meet your needs, you can feel as if you are lacking much more than a great place to create healthy meals. You are missing out on that functional and flexible area often used as a place to gather with friends and family, complete homework, relax with a good book, or catch up on numerous other tasks or chores. And that is when you know it is time to call NHG Home Services at (720) 702-4446 to discuss your Denver kitchen remodel.

Why You Need To Work With The NHG Home Services Pros

When it comes to updating or remodeling most rooms in your home, the choices focus on your style and design preferences. Finishes, colors, and textures are blended to create a feel and look that appeals to you. However, when undertaking a Denver kitchen remodel, you need to pay equally as much attention to function as you do to the style or visual appearance of the space. And that is where you can rely on the more than two decades of experience that the NHG Home Services team brings to each kitchen remodel project.

Not only is our staff well versed in all the latest technology and appliances that will enhance your cooking experience, they understand the processes needed to locate and install your new chef-quality appliances correctly. In addition, our team is ready to provide ideas that will take your kitchen work triangle and the room’s flow far beyond the mundane to a new level of functionality. Only after decades of design experience and hands-on work in the homes of our thousands of satisfied customers does this kind of creativity develop, allowing us to produce something far beyond your expected dream kitchen.

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Moving Into The Unknown

Once you and the design team have crafted the perfect plan for your Denver kitchen remodel, it is time to take a leap of faith and begin exploring what lies inside your kitchen walls and floors. And as you might have guessed, we do not always find what we expect. Fortunately, the construction pros at NHG Home Services have decades of experience working with not always ideal conditions to create your dream kitchen. Our team of licensed professionals will ensure that all of the necessary construction is completed to the highest level of perfection, safety, and local building code to ensure your satisfaction with the final result of your kitchen remodel in Denver.

The Possibilities Are Endless

At NHG Home Services, we want each customer to understand that we are here to help them bring their vision for their dream kitchen to life. And that includes every possibility, from a small renovation of cabinetry, countertops, or flooring to an entirely new kitchen down to the last drawer pull. Our team will help you select features and styles that meet your needs, work within your budget and add value to your home. Some of the critical areas of our team’s expertise include selecting :
In addition to recreating your kitchen within the same space it currently occupies, NHG Home Services is ready to propose options to enlarge your kitchen within your home’s current footprint or with the help of an addition to the house. Adding square footage to your home and kitchen is a great way to achieve greater functionality and increase the value of your home. You might even want to consider using this Denver kitchen remodel as the opportunity to enhance new indoor/outdoor flow with French doors, new patio access, or the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Contact our design team at (720) 702-4446 to explore the scope of your Denver kitchen remodeling project and how our pros will make your dreams come true.

The NHG Home Services Commitment To Quality

As an award-winning remolding company in Denver, our entire team focuses on delivering the highest quality kitchen remodeling in Denver. We use only the top-quality materials from the most reputable manufacturers to ensure your long-term satisfaction and the continued functionality of your kitchen. With over 20 years in business, we understand the difference between being the cheapest contractor and the contractor providing the most value for your investment in your kitchen remodel. We pledge that when you work with the experts at NHG Home Services, you will enjoy a kitchen remodel that exceeds your expectations for beauty and function, as well as adding significant value to your home. Call us today at (720) 702-4446 to request a free bid for your Denver kitchen remodeling project.