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Denver Basement Remodeling & Finishing

Many homeowners in the Denver area looking for a larger home have discovered that investing in a Denver basement remodeling project is a much better solution. It saves the cost and stress of relocating and allows them to create exactly what they want and need in a much more cost-effective manner. And with the help of the design and construction experts at NHG Home Services, the results far exceed these savvy homeowners’ expectations for functionality, return on investment, and overall satisfaction with their home. So when you are ready to discover all the potential locked in that unfinished or poorly used basement under your home, call NHG Home Services at (720) 702-4446 for a free bid for a Denver basement remodeling project.

Having Vision

Many homeowners complain that their home does not offer all the living spaces their growing family needs. However, in many cases, these problems can be corrected with a bit of vision and the expert design skills of the NHG Home Services team. While you look at your basement and see nothing but a utility space or a cold, dark storage area, our team can see beyond the current shortcomings of your basement. Some of the most underutilized spaces in your home can be converted into the most used, enjoyed, and functional living areas in the house, including:
When you have wasted space under your home, exploring your options to begin using and enjoying that square footage only makes sense. And the best way to understand the value of a Denver remodeling project is to call the experts at NHG Home Services for a consultation. We are happy to discuss your options, the cost of those options, and how to maximize your investment while increasing the value of your property.
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The Critical Value Of Professional Basement Remodeling In Denver

Even if you are pretty handy around the house, there is more to a Denver basement remodeling project than you might think. And unless licensed professionals complete the entire project, you could waste your time and hard-earned money. However, when you work with the team at NHG Home Services, you have over 20 years of experience handling all of the challenges and details for you. From securing permits and inspections to ensuring the space is watertight, well insulated, and adequately heated and cooled for year-round enjoyment.

In addition, our fully licensed and insured professionals back the entire project with a comprehensive warranty for added value and peace of mind. So when you decide to sell your home or are exploring options for a new mortgage or homeowners insurance, there are never concerns about the value added by your professional Denver basement renovation or the reliability of the construction. So call NHG Home Services today at (720) 702-4446 to discover all the value sitting idle under your home.