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Home Remodeling In Boulder, CO

Boulder is proud to be considered one of the 150 best metro areas in the United States for a high quality of life. Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy throughout the year. And when visiting the downtown area, the pedestrian-friendly area offers exceptional art galleries, cafes, restaurants, and boutique shopping opportunities. With all of this to enjoy within the community, residents often struggle with the thought of moving when their current home is no longer meeting their needs. Fortunately, the premier home remodeling contractor in Boulder, NHG Home Services, provides many solutions that do not involve moving from this outstanding community, including:

Innovative Kitchen Remodeling

As the leading home remodeling service in Boulder, NHG Home Services has a long history of creating breathtaking kitchens for its clients. This gathering place for friends and family is essential for many activities beyond creating a healthy and delicious home-cooked meal. And our experts have perfected masterfully blending all of the warmth and functionality into one focal space that genuinely will become the heart of your home.
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Spa-Like Bathroom Remodeling

Once the forgotten space in all home renovations and remodels, bathrooms are finally getting the attention and upgrades they deserve. The goal is to create your perfect oasis to prepare for your hectic day or relax and enjoy soaking in a warm tub or taking a steam shower to wash away the stress of your day. So please allow the design geniuses at NHG Home Services to apply their decades of experience to create the perfect oasis to start and end your day.

Outside The Box Additions And Accessory Buildings

When you need more space, sometimes the design will require thinking outside the box or your home’s existing foundation. The design team at NHG Home Services is here to help you see beyond the confines of your home’s walls and foundation to grasp the opportunity found in a home addition or the addition of an accessory structure to house your home gym, office, or craft space.

The Massive Potential Revealed In Basement Remodeling

When you need more space, the typical reaction is to look up. However, in most homes, it is more important to look down. The unused space in your basement can easily be converted into very functional and attractive space by the expert home remodeling contractor in Boulder, NHG Home Services. Contact our team to learn more about making the most of this often abundant square footage under your home.

Awe-Inspiring Full Home Remodel

If you struggle to exist in your current home but cannot bear the thought of moving from your Boulder neighborhood, the experts at NHG Home Services have the solution you need. A full home renovation will allow you to create your perfect home without the stress and high cost of moving. Our team will work with you to ensure that you really can have it all inside and outside your home. And for much less than the cost of buying a larger home. So call NHG Home Services (720) 702-4446 and place your future in the capable hands of the leading home remodeling contractor in Boulder.